When something becomes popular and becomes expensive to trade, they can be subject to theft. Since the development of crime, it happens every day around the world even if simple crimes or grievous ones. Crimes are the problem of a place and it needs the cooperation of all involved for it to be solved and lessened. An example is in a community.

If someone witnesses a crime, he should make effort to be able to stop it or make sure to identify or record an identification of the criminal. They can report it to the authorities for proper investigation or action. Other community members should also be willing to help in the investigation. The crime rate in London in relation to motorcycle skyrocketed within two years only. It became very common and they can just steal in broad daylight. You may love this accounting company to help you, open this site 凡藝事務所. Motorcycles are already a high price commodity.

If you see in the video, they effortlessly steal a motorbike in a matter of only minutes. They also just steal valuables from people walking on the street and they cannot do anything to recover their things like phones. Many concerned citizens have already been helping in lessening the number of thieves of motorcycles. London is known as a good place and tourism is one of its main industries. Things should be done to ensure protection and security, especially to tourists so it will not affect its tourism industry.