Motorbike is one of the cheapest motor vehicle for singles. However it is one of the cause of deadly accident around the world. It is one of the fastest way to end life. Many people have been brutally killed due to motorbike. A bus crushing with a motorcycle, a truck bumping to a motorbike, many news on media about deadly accident on motorbike. This issue has never been solved to this very day. Even if people try to drive safely, they still meet an accident.

Even if you drive safely, if the other party drive recklessly, you will not escape this death. Here are the safety precautions in order to avoid accident.

Follow your lane only.

This is a rule in driving. You cannot just use the left lane for no reason. Overtaking when you think that you can do it within 3-4 seconds. If you carefully do this, you can avoid accident.


Not all drivers are good in driving. This is why focus is very important.

Even if the driver on the other lane does not focus, you can still escape from danger , some drivers would not carefully use their lane and are out of focus.

It is important to follow all the rules in driving.

Look at your side mirror to see what is behind. Be very careful with the slippery road. Some motorbikes slide down and there is no way to run from it. Do not always try to bend the motor because sometimes this causes misfortune.