In order to be proficient in riding a motorcycle, you should have at least an experience in using bikes because this will help you in driving a motorcycle when talking about the balance. However, you can still learn how to ride a motorcycle even without experience in riding a bike. Here are the simple steps in riding.

Before you useĀ  motorcycle, you should have your basic knowledge in riding a motor. For best result, attend training given by schools. However, even if you do not attend such, if you have a friend who you could ask help from, you can learn how to run a motorbike.

Before riding motorbike please dress yourself up by using a jacket, knee protector, helmet and boots.


Squeeze the clutch

It is about Gear

Using your left foot, get out of the first gear by slightly lifting up the shift gear andĀ  push it down to neutral. Notice that the lights turns on and it should appear neutral. Do this until the 5th gear. You must make sure that the motorbike is in neutral.

Warm it up

Squeeze the clutch lever and then do the first gear to 5th gear. Let the motor cry for about 5 mins.

Start to run

You must know how to do clutching and gearing at the same time together with the throttle. For the first gear, you must lift up the gear and then ease out the clutch. Second gear, you lift up again the gear and ease out the clutch then throttle. Give out power, do this for the third time to the 5th time. To get out of gears, you push down the gear 5 times. This way, you learn how to start a motorbike.

You must learn how to be more efficient by practicing always.